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Published: 16 September 2021


I am PCSO Sophie Norman, I have been a PCSO with Sussex Police for just short of 2 years and a PCSO with the British Transport Police in central London before that for 2 years.

The areas that Roxie and I cover are Copthorne, Turners Hill and Crawley Down.

I am very keen to set up some beat surgeries in all three areas where the residents will get a chance to meet their local officers if we are not already known, share literature with residents and to give any crime prevention advice that is needed. I am hoping to publish dates as soon as possible when the finer details are sorted. We are hoping to have a base in our three villages so that we are more of a support to the community.

I have been liaising with all parish councils in our areas and we are looking to develop our working relationship further during our time in Mid-Sussex.

I am aware that there are a few issues with speeding in the village, Turners Hill has a very active Community Speed Watch Team to combat the issue. This group is a massive asset to us and in the bigger picture of trying to reduce this county wide problem.

Another issue we are fully area of is Anti-social behaviour in some areas. We again are well aware of the hotspots and will continue to regularly patrol those areas to prevent and deter any anti-social behaviour and minor crime.

Roxie and I are looking forward to building and developing good working relationships with residents, businesses and Council members. Please feel free to come and speak to us at the beat surgeries when they are set up or contact us on the numbers below.


My name is PCSO Rye, but feel free to call me Roxie.
I am a mother of 2 young children, who have the unnerving tact of driving my round the bend.

I am a Youth Leader for my Local Youth Group which has been running for nearly 15 years.
I am a Cadet Leader for the Police Cadets, the LGBTQ+ Liaison Officer for Crawley and Mid Sussex and finally I am in training to become the Police Liaison Officer for the Deaf/ Hard of Hearing, having just passed my Level 1 Sign Language Course.

I have worked with Sussex Police for 5 years now and thoroughly enjoy my job!

I have been your Local PCSO since October 2020 and have tried to get stuck in as much I am able too. If you haven’t seen me yet not to fear I am out and about.

Before I came a joined the Mid Sussex team in October I worked at Gatwick Airport for Sussex Police, again as a PCSO. Working out on division is very different to working at the Airport, for one, the laws are slightly different, meaning I had to also learn Bye Laws as well as our usual ones. I was also given extra training to deal with the rarer but more extreme events such as a Plane Crash, Terrorist Event or Bomb Explosion.

Working for the Police definitely has its highs and lows, good days and bad days, but I can be a rewarding job.

If you see me around come say hello.

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